At the end of 2019, Bosch eBike was developing critical modules for its new generation "Smart eBike System,“ but many issues were found after releases which led to very long iterations.

I was requested to join an eBike taskforce with the task to “build automation to secure the development of our common code.” I was responsible for a team of 4 experts. 

My contribution

Solution design
  • Coordinated the different workshops to understand exactly what the problem was within the development.
  • Designed the draft architecture for our system (Testing-framework, datacenter with embedded devices to enable us in continuous testing, tools, embedded libraries).
  • Defined (with strong contribution of my team) the roadmap for our solution.
Team ramp-up
  • Ramped-up the team from 5 to 30 external developers.
  • Defined the cooperation model with the external company.
  • Managed the contracting.
  • Posted job offers.
  • Ramped-up internal resources.
Open source contribution


The framework disrupted the testing within Bosch eBike. Now the entire system development, from single devices to the "smart system," is being tested with the automation framework.

They are now thriving as actual teams within the Bosch eBike organization.