Around 2015, Bosch eBike was trying to work on their first "smart" products. I was partially involved in the development of the ConnectedModule 0.0.1 (mostly through kiso). For some reason, the device did not fit the Portfolio of eBike at this time and the project was halted.

One year later, a new project was started and needed a software architect so I took over this role.

My contribution

Software architecture
  • Designed the solution based on requirements at that time.
  • Did some workshops with the developers to transfer my expectations.
  • Technically supported the team during the development phase.
  • Developed a base to mock freeRTOS APIs for gTest. (See my Stackoverflow contribution)
  • Simulated the speed measurements algorithm with real device data in gTest.


  • The project was migrated to another business unit which would integrate the solution within the eBike smart system and bring it to the market under the name ConnectedModule.